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The Dennis Walters Golf Show
Dennis' legendary precision shotmaking is the heart and sole of his one hour performance and he will do it with some of the most unusual golf clubs your guests have ever seen. Some show highlights are he will hit three balls at one time with his "Three Iron",through fire, while balls are rolling, off three foot high tees, all while combining this non stop action with much good humor and laughter. What sets Dennis' show apart from all others is that he is the only professional golfer in the entire world who is a paraplegic and this gives him the opportunity to tell your guests his remarkable and moving life story. The show is great golf, great fun, with a powerful and motivating message making it the perfect addition to your meeting. 

In 2008, Dennis was named the winner of The Distinguished Service Award by the The PGA of America. This is the organization's highest honor and has been won by Arnold Palmer Jack Nicklaus, Gene Sarazen, and Byron Nelson among others. He is one of only 11 Honorary Lifetime Members of The PGA of America, three of the other members of this exclusive club are former Presidents of The United States, Eisenhower, Ford and George HW Bush. He has won The Ben Hogan Award for his remarkable comeback. We encourage you to visit the Awards page to see all of the awards Dennis has received!

How The Show Enhances Your Outing
Dennis has been doing his show for 35 years and has made over 3000 performances and has the necessary experience to customize his program to fit your needs. Whatever the purpose of your meeting, he will make that connection, therefore insuring your desired message is made crystal clear. His inspirational and motivational message will encourage your guests to improve not only their golf, but their personal lives as well. This universal message encourages all to reach for their dreams, strive for excellence, and to do something they didn't think you could. Dennis' believes that with hard work, dedication and perseverance almost anything is possible. He will demonstrate this with every swing he makes and your guests will long remember this memorable performance.

Programs Offered

Program 1 - The 1-hour show

A perfect time for the show is just before or just after golf. Everyone who attends gets to hear Dennis' incredible story and also Includes a question and answer session before the show about Dennis or to help improve their golf game.

Program 2 - A customized program

This includes the show and other assignments for Dennis such as giving an after dinner speech or staying on a par three and hitting a ball with each group. Dennis' mission is to do whatever he can do to make your outing better.

Program 3 - Keynote Address

If you are in need of only a motivational speech, Dennis is available for this at program one rates.

Many groups choose to purchase copies of Dennis' acclaimed autobiography "In My Dreams I Walk With You" which includes a Foreward by Jack Nicklaus. After meeting and seeing his performance it is always nice for your guests to take home a lifetime memory of this wonderful day.

We hope this information will convince you to hire Dennis for your next golf outing or motivational speech opportunity. You will certainly be inspired by a man who lives his dream every day!

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