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About Bucky

Mr. Bucky is the  co-host and opening act for The Dennis Walters Golf Show and has quite a following in his own right. Bucky who is Dennis's fourth dog was found at The Naples, Florida dog pound and was rescued by Canine Castaways of Arcadia, Florida. All of Dennis's dogs have been adopted from shelters or rescue groups and in every show he encourages others to do the same thing. "Shelters, unfortunately are loaded with great dogs and saving one is one of the best things you can do" said Dennis in a recent interview.

Bucky has a wide assortment of tricks that he performs during his part of the show, such as teeing the ball up for Dennis and answering questions from the audience. He is very good at math, general information and golf trivia. Dennis asks the questions and then Bucky takes questions from the audience.

Bucky was named in honor of his late father said Walters, host of The Dennis Walters Golf Show since 1976 who has performed approximately 3000 trick shot golf programs in all 50 states. The late Bucky Walters had traveled with and guided his son for many years as Dennis developed and polished his show.

The Dennis Walters Golf Show is a program not only of "Golf Lessons but also Life Lessons" and features Walters hitting signature golf shots with a wide assortment of unusual clubs and encouraging others to reach for their dreams, strive for excellence and to do something they didn't think they could.